The Brand Building Blueprint

How You Can Transform Your Twitter Into a Money-Making Machine in 5 Days (So You Can Eventually Earn $10,000 Per Month From Your Couch)

"$497 of value condensed into just 5 minutes a day"

32 pages.5,700 words.1000+ hours of experience condensed into 5 days.

The exact roadmap to transform your Twitter profile into a Personal Brand - a marketing asset with infinite potential for growth.

Hey, my name's Andrew.I've helped build personal brands to 50,000+ followers, generated $10,000+ in organic impressions, and leveraged my own personal brand into digital freedom.This blueprint gives you the tools to do the same.

"Andrew nails it when it comes to understanding the core principles of what it takes to grow, what it takes to build a personal brand, and all the elements that embody one."
- Dakota Robertson, Brand Consultant

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Day 1: The 1 Thing You Must Do Before Building on TwitterDay 2: A Little-Known Trick: 3 Simple Steps to Infinite IdeasDay 3: The Secret to Building an Audience that Likes, Knows, and Trusts YouDay 4: Crash Course: The Art and Science of Effective TweetsDay 5: 3 Steps To Unlock the Highest ROI Resource on Twitter